What is the Press saying?

"You girls were too good, you're pissin me off!" -Rick Nielson of CHEAP TRICK

"New York City punk power trio Jackknife Stiletto serves it up: loud, fast, and greazy. As a guitar-driven trinity, the band plays hard rock with a punkish edge. It's rough, and it's raw."
Frank DeBlase, Interview with Rochester City Newspaper: HERE

"With a nod from the iconic Blackheart Records, Jackknife Stiletto takes their influences from the past and injects them with a fresh vengeance and
a truck load of street smart attitude. "Chronicles of Jane: Vol. 1" is what rock and roll should be and what has always been...loud, brash and never 
letting up. Kicking boring corporate music to the curb, Jackknife Stiletto is serving notice that the gauntlet has been thrown down." 
Bob Minter, Code Zero Radio

"These girls are bringing it on in Chronicles of Jane, Vol 1 dropping October 13.  Great beat, heavy hitting drums, punk rock guitar riffs, and unapologetic lyrics…whoa!  Known for their gritty, raw, riot-grrl sound, Jackknife Stiletto did not disappoint in this five-song EP produced by Joan Jett’s label: Blackheart Records.

There are songs about the girl who will “lure you in with all her love and charm,” but has an empty heart in “She Said Whoa.” “My Future Ex” talks of a relationship where it works for now, “another notch in my belt,” but you are “my future ex.” Other songs include an earlier Jackknife Stiletto song “Dear Jane” and a pure heavy, angst ridden song aptly titled “Schadenfreude” with lyrics like “You’re in trouble, I’m in bliss seeing you fumble like this.” The girls toned it down a bit while still keeping their edge that we all love about them in their “spicey” twist on their cover of the Spice Girls’ 1996 hit “Wannabe.”
Tara LowGuitar Girls Magazine
Interview with Guitar Girls Magazine: HERE

Interview with: PUNKGLOBE.COM

Buzzfeed.com names Jackknife Stiletto #2 on the 10 Bands At SXSW That You Don't Want to Miss!
"Looking for some gritty, nasty, dirty, riot grrrl tunes? Look no further than Jackknife Stiletto, the all-girl NYC-based trio making waves for their electric, aggressive performances. Rock on!"

"New York based rock band Jackknife Stiletto is kicking ass and taking names. Jackknife Stiletto’s music is everything that good rock n roll should be. ..Taking those myriad influences and turning it into a sound that is steeped in the rock tradition, yet personalized enough to stand out on its own in today’s overcrowded modern rock scene."
- Dr. Matt Warnock, GuitarInternational.com

"Playing with them reminded me of how I felt playing Continental or CBGBs for the first time - like a whole other world had opened up and I belonged there..."
- Queen V