1. Drama King

From the recording Chronicles of Jane: Vol. 2

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Every time you come to me
Nothing I say, you believe
Half the time you just complain
Enough to drive a girl insane
Why don't you take your own advice
Get a clue, man get a life
Time to taste your own medicine
Cause you're such an embarrassment

You took the words right out of my mouth
With a kiss and tell, ya twisted them
Til they broke and bent
And you never put them
Back together again
You're always crying out wolf
You really are such a tool
This is why we can't have nice things
(cause) you're just a drama king

Verse 2
I heard what you said, that I slept with all your friends
I'm no wife to the postman
But my, you're such a gentleman
Did you block my number, baby?
Or Did I break your heart
No need to play dumb now, honey
Cause that's just who you are


You make me sick, when you stick around
Can’t take a hint, let me break it down
Boy you’re a prince, you’re a punk rock clown
So full of it, let me fit your crown


Took the words out if my mouth
Narcissistic kiss and tell
Egotistic. Go to hell
You're the Drama King